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Diversity Equity and Inclusion Statement

Pulse Arts openly embraces the rich tapestry of people that make California unique. With respect to racial, cultural and gender equity, and ensuring that we do not fall into the traps of agism, ableism, homophobia or transphobia, our hiring practices, policies and programming reflect the unique diversity of our state. We believe that equity means listening and responding to the specific needs of the people and communities we serve.

The arts are a necessity, interwoven and affixed to every facet of life and culture. We strongly believe that the healing power of creativity should not be reserved for the privileged. Our team of professional creatives is committed to arts impact projects that promote social justice and address the needs of overlooked, underserved, and marginalized communities.

Complete equity and inclusion is a continuous process that includes, but is not limited to:

1. Equal and appropriate access to resources, services and opportunities

2. Making a clear, respectful distinction between black people, people of color and indigenous people to ensure that each is afforded the opportunity to communicate comfortably in their own language and culture.

3. Ensure that policies, programs and data will be critiqued by an independent body with representation of each impacted micro-community and have complete transparency.

4. Requiring transparency and accountability from our partners, supporters and administrators at all of our programming sites with regards to discrimination and microaggressions.

5. Required, ongoing awareness training and reflective workshops to be independently conducted to ensure that we are always improving and encouraging communication

6. When servicing Indigenous and micro communities, we will not enter, act or proceed without invitation from that community

7. Conducting anonymous feedback sessions at multiple junctions of a project to ensure that all parties feel respected, protected and free to express themselves

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