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Pulse Arts is committed to empowering youth by providing creative opportunities to address social issues and ignite community change through the arts.
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49th Annual Conference of Black Administrators

Pulse Arts, in collaboration with DAANSEKOU Cultural Arts Collective and the West African Drum and Dance program, organized a truly remarkable event. The 49th Annual Conference of Black, West African Drum and Dance program was designed to highlight the therapeutic benefits of drumming, with the theme of “Finding Solace in Rhythm.” One of the highlights of the event was the participation of the Marlton School for the Deaf middle school class. The students were given a unique opportunity to experience the healing power of drum therapy and were able to fully immerse themselves in the symphony of healing created by the other participants. The program showcased the immense power of drum therapy, not only to heal the body but also the soul. The event demonstrated how coming together to create a symphony of healing can lead to a healthier self. The participants were able to connect with one another through their shared love of music, and they left the event feeling inspired and rejuvenated.

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